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Professional Gift Wrapper & Paper Artist

creating beautiful things

from upcycled paper

Welcome to my Utterly Unique

'Wrap & Roll' World

I'm a professional gift wrapper who also designs and makes beautiful gifts, accessories, wearables and artwork by upcycling waste paper

A strange combination I hear you cry ...

I began life as a professional gift wrapper but soon realised that I had lots of left-over gift wrap and being the good Yorkshire lass that I am I don't like waste so

I started experimenting with the left-over waste and

that is how I started to design and make gifts, accessories, wearables and artwork using upcycled paper.

As well as using up the left-over gift wrap, I also breathe a new lease of life into old & discarded books,

atlases, calendars, comics, wallpaper, maps,

junk mail, sheet music, photographs, menus and

anything else I can get my hands on !

Designing and making unique and individually hand-crafted gifts, accessories,wearables and artwork ... perfect for

those who, like me, hate waste and look for something

just a bit different !