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Gift wrapping with Cellophane 

Cellophane is fabulous for gift wrapping as it creates a stunning effect and, if you go wrong, it is very forgiving - simply flatten out the cellophane and start again !

On this page I will show you how to fabulously wrap a soft toy and a book using cellophane.

Wrapping a soft toy   

Soft toys are brilliant candidates for wrapping with cellophane - they are awkward shapes and wrapping with paper can be nigh on impossible.  

You will need the following tools:-

  • cellophane of your choice
  • tissue paper
  • fancy ribbon (either satin or wired works best)
  • scissors
  • cellotape
  • holding ribbon/elastic band

To measure the amount of cellophane needed to wrap your toy, place your toy in the middle of the gift wrap, lift the cellophane over the front and back of your toy (so your toy is 'hanging' in the middle) the cellophane needs to measure appx 20 to 30cms above your toy.

1. Lay your cellophane on the table and place your tissue paper on top of the cellophane

2. Wrap your toy in the tissue paper, using just small tabs of cellotape to hold the tissue in place 

3. Next lift the cellophane at the front and back of your toy so your is in the middle of your cellophane and then pleat the cellophane round your toy

4. Once you have pleated the cellophane around your toy keep a firm hold of all the cellophane with one hand and tie your holding ribbon (elastic band) around all the cellophane to hold it all in place.

If your cellophane is saggy round your toy then give the cellophane a tug at the top to pull it tighter round your toy. Cellophane is very robust and can be tugged and pulled around until you are happy with the shape of the wrap

5. Finish off your wrapping by tying your fancy ribbon over the holding ribbon/elastic

Wrapping a Book

Books can be easily wrapped with paper however I often like to add a new dimension by wrapping simple shapes with cellophane - it also makes it less obvious what the gift is !

You will need the same tools and to measure your cellophane as for wrapping the soft toy above.

1. Lay your cellophane flat on your table with your tissue on top - then wrap your book in the tissue paper - again just using small tabs of tape to hold the tissue in place

2. Sit your book in the middle of the cellophane then draw up the cellophane to the front and back of the book

3. Pleat the cellophane around the book - again if your cellophane is saggy give it a tug to tighten it up around your book.

4. Once you have all your cellophane in place tie your holding ribbon or elastic band around the pleats at the top of your book to hold it all in place.

5. Finish the wrap off by tying your fancy ribbons over the holding ribbon.

Anything can be wrapped in cellophane

Let your imagination run wild!