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How to gift wrap a shoe box

I am often asked how to wrap a charity shoe box so here's a mini tutorial to help you out.

1. Start with sufficient paper to wrap around the box base and fold into the box by appx 4 inches

2. Begin to cover the box base by folding in the short edges of the box (this is the opposite of how you naturally feel you should start - most people feel they should start with the long edges first but by starting with the short edges the paper will fold more neatly and easily for you)

3. Next fold in the long edges - because you have started with the short edges the long edges should natually form 'points'

4. Once you have folded in paper into the box tape the paper to the inside of the box

5. Then tape over the folds on the outside of the box (this will make sure the folders don't get caught and tear in transit)

6. Repeat the same process with the lid of the box, starting by folding in the short edges first

7. Ta-dah .... there you have it a beautifully wrapped shoe box ready to be filled with lots of gorgeous goodies