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How to make a gift bag

These pretty little paper bags are both quick & easy to make and very versatile - they can be used as gift bags, party bags or bags just for keeping your special bits and pieces in.

I used gift wrapping paper to make my bag but you could use gift wrap, old books/comics, sheet music, wall paper etc.

Equipment needed:-

  • Scissors
  • Selotape
  • Double sided tape
  • Bone folder
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper (35cm x 23cm)
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon to decorate

1. Start by making the top of the bag. Lay the paper on the table landscape ways and draw a line 2cm from the top of the paper 

2. Fold the paper on the line making a good crease with the bone folder (if you don't have a bone folder use the back of your scissors) then stick double sided tape along the top edge of the paper and fold over the paper to stick.

3. Next divide the paper into three sections 1 x 8cm, 1 x 16cm and 1 x 11cm wide working from left to right. (Tip: to help you do this draw lines for the sections) fold the paper on the lines making good creases with the bone folder.

4. Stick double sided tape along the 8cm (left) edge of the paper then stick the left edge to the right edge to make a tube.

5. With the paper tube laid flat on the table (portrait ways and the seam facing you) make a fold 7cm from the bottom of the tube use the bone folder to make a good crease (this is going to form the base of the bag)

6. Open the bottom of the tube (ie the bit you have just folded up) and push the sides in to make 'points' use the bone folder to make the creases. 

7. Fold up the bottom 'point' then fold down the top 'point' so that they overlap by 1/2cm - again use the bone folder to make the creases.

8. Stick selotape across where the two 'points' meet to secure the bottom of the bag

9. Now place your hand in the open end of the bag and push out the bottom to form the flat base for the bag

10. Now it's just the finishing touches and the bag is ready to go. Pop your gift in the bag then fold over the top and use the hole punch to punch a hole through the centre of the fold. Finally thread a pretty ribbon through the hole and tie it in a double bow

Ta dah ! all finished