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How to make a triangle gift box

This is a fabulously versatile and useful gift box which is very easy to make.

For this project I used A4 paper but any size paper can be used provided it is rectangular in shape.

The tools you will need for this project are:

  • 1 x sheet A4 paper
  • Single hole punch
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • 50cm ribbon

1. Holding the sheet of paper long ways (portrait), fold it in half creasing the paper firmly with your finger

2. Open the paper out and using your ruler, measure and mark the centre point across both the top and bottom of the paper (usually about 10.5cm for A4 paper)

3. Using your ruler again draw a line from the centre point you have marked along the top of the paper to the crease you have made across the middle of the paper and fold the paper along that line

Note: your folds will look "odd" as they won't be equal and WILL cross over when you fold them down.

4. Repeat the ruling and folding at all four corners

5. When you have finished ruling and folding your paper will look roughly diamond shaped

6. Now you can start building your triangle gift box.

7. With the box folded in half (as above) unfold the "folds" as these will form the sides of your triangle box

8. Next, insert your hole punch where the front and back "folds" cross - punch a hole in both "folds" at the same time then repeat the process with the other set of "folds"

9. Finally thread your ribbon through all four holes from one side of the box to the other side and tie the ribbon in a bow to seal your box (not forgetting to put your gift in the box first !!)

and there you have it ... your finished triangle box ... how simple was that?