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Plantable Valentines Cards

This Eco Friendly card is made from plantable seeded card and decorated with handmade origami hearts which are made from upcycled paper.


Plant the card in the spring time and watch your love grow xx


The card measures 5 x 7 inches

Plantable Valentines Cards

Framed (Map) Heart

Treat your Valentine to a framed map heart of your special place.


The maps used are original and upcycled.


The frame measures 24cm square and the heart is 12cm


Please indicate location required on map when placing your order.

Price includes UK P&P

Hanging (Map) Heart

A romantic gift for your Valentine as a reminder of your special places.


The maps used are original and upcycled and there are maps on both sides of the heart so you can choose two special places.


Heart measures 12cm and finished with a satin ribbon.


Please indicate the locations you would like on the maps when ordering.

Price includes UK P&P